Startrite V, T, R & S Vertical Bandsaws - Throat Sizes 14, 18, 20, 24 & 30

Startrite bandsaw parts suitable for the V, T, R & S range. This was the flagship range of vertical bandsaws.
This page does NOT cover the Startrite V500 or V900. For the Startrite V500 Spares Click Here. For Startrite V900 Spares Click Here.

Common Spare Parts that will need replacing on Startrite V, T, R & S bandsaws:

Typically the most common parts to go on these bandsaws are as follows:

  • Guide Systems (Various Parts)

Guides are a crucial component on Startrite bandsaws, for smooth and accurate cutting. Depending on which guide systems you have fitted will depend on what parts but this is usually bearings and guide inserts – Click Here to View Guide Systems

  • Bandwheels

These are important parts for ensuring the tracking of the blade on your bandsaw stays central. The rubber of the wheel over time will become worn flat – it should be convex to keep it central. When this happens, you will slowly start to get worsening tracking issues. Click here to view bandwheel options for vertical Startrite bandsaws. 

  • Belts

Damage to you drive belt can cause a host of problems, mainly loss of power. This in turn can cause inconsistent blade speeds. You may also experience increased noise and vibration when operating your bandsaw, which in turn can cause damage to other components. Click here to view belts for V, T, R & S model Startrite bandsaws.