Manufactured in the UK to a high quality specification. Startrite Vertical bandsaws only have 1 bandwheel for each size, so simply measure the diameter of a wheel on your Startrite vertical bandsaw and select the appropriate size from the dropdown above. Select a bandwheel to see a list of Startrite machines that these bandwheels fit.

Scroll down the page to view More information about which band wheels suit which bandsaws. 

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Manufactured in the West Midlands, UK on cutting edge CNC machines for highest quality, to original Startrite bandsaw spares specification. Pre-treated, and expertly paint sprayed, the rubber is then vulcanized to the wheel and crown ground to give the perfect convex shape with minimal runout, ensuring this Startrite bandsaw spare is long lasting and durable.

Band Wheels are a common part to need replacing on Startrite bandsaws, and usually the first part to replace if you are having any problems with tracking. Over time the convex shape of the rubber edge begins to become worn and flat. Once this happens you may begin to see the following problems:

  • Worn and flat band wheels reduce tension control, causing slipping and inaccurate cuts.
  • Excessive stress from flat wheels shortens blade and guides life and requires frequent maintenance.
  • Poor tracking due to flat wheels leads to unstable cutting and imprecise results.
  • Inconsistent performance results from compromised tension distribution, affecting smoothness and accuracy.
  • Poor bandwheel health can also cause other parts to wear faster such as your guide system, increasing maintenance costs.

Overall we recommend replacing bandwheels if the rubber is clearly damaged, or the rubber has become worn flat.

Selecting the correct band wheel is simple, just measure the diameter of your band wheel and select the relevant option. Alternatively see the list below of which bandwheel sizes fit which machines:

Startrite bandsaws with 12″ Band Wheels:

Startrite bandsaws with 14″ Band Wheels:

Startrite bandsaws with 16″ Band Wheels:

Startrite bandsaws with 20″ Band Wheels:

Spare Bandwheels are also available for machines in the Startrite horizontal bandsaw range. Please be aware band wheels for horizontal and vertical machines are not compatible.

Startrite Vertical Bandsaws NOT Suitable for these Band wheels

The following models are from the newer era of Startrite vertical bandsaws, and are NOT suitable for ANY of these band wheels:

  • 401S / 501S
  • 581S / 681S
  • 403 / 503 / 603
  • 352SB
  • 440R

Like most of our Startrite Bandsaw Spares, we aim to ship this part on the day of purchase when the order is placed before 12PM.