These carbon Steel bandsaw blades for Startrite vertical bandsaws are most suitable for Wood, Plastic & Non Ferrous materials. All of the following blades have Skip form Teeth, meaning a deeper gullet to store and remove the sawdust generated from the cut.

4 TPI  (skip form tooth) – Less teeth means a rougher finish, but a faster cut.

6 TPI (Skip form tooth) – More teeth will give you a better finish on the cut.

Please note – For very hard woods such as Oak or Cherry you may need a specialist wood blade. Please get in touch for a quotation.

All the following blades are ½”, other sizes can be ordered in on request. Get in touch here for more information. 

    Startrite ModelBlade LengthClick Here to View Blades
    301 / 12 / Bandit88 inch / 2235.2mmDetails
    301S93 inch / 2362mmDetails
    351102 inch / 2591mmDetails
    351S / 352 / 352S & 14112 inch / 2845mmDetails
    18114 inch / 2896mmDetails
    20130 inch / 3302mmDetails
    24126 inch / 3200mmDetails
    30147 inch / 3734mmDetails