ATTACHMENTS - Startrite V, T, R & S

Attachments for Startrite vertical bandsaws in the V, T, R & S range. See the bottom of this page for some information on the different attachments that are available, and their functions.

Startrite V, T, R & S  Bandsaw Attachments

Plenty of attachments are available for this range of Startrite vertical bandsaws that can improve the versatility & ease of use of the bandsaw:

Rip Fence

Considered to be a must-have attachment by many with a vertical bandsaw, the rip fence attachment is attached to the saw table via a t-nut channel in the side of the table.

This attachment allows you to guide your job along a straight path, giving you a consistently straight cut, and allowing you to set the width of the cut with ease. The rip fence is also great for ripping wood into narrower pieces. The Rip fence for Startrite V, T, R & S models is a heavy duty solid casting, reliable for industrial use. Featuring a micro-adjuster that allows you to move the fence slightly along the table by turning a wheel in the assembly, this attachment is great for lining up precision cuts.

Universal Work Holding Kit

A simple attachment in functionality, but crucial for precision, the universal work holding kit attachment allows you to pin your job to your bandsaw table via a set of bars and clamps, ensuring it does not move during the sawing process.

Dust Extractor Coupling Kit

The dust Extractor Coupling Kit Attachment is great for keeping you work area clear, and ensure maximum visibility on your sawing jobs. This attachment utilizes holes on the frame, to mount an extractor port above the blade. It also hooks up the dust port at the front of the machine direct to your dust extractor, minimizing saw dust and mess in the work area.
This attachment is not suitable for ALL Startrite V, T, R & S models. Check the images on the product page to check if your model is suitable.  

Circle Cutting Attachment

The circle cutting attachment allows you to do exactly that – cut circles. Set the radius and make circle cuts with ease.

Coolant Gravity Feed Spray

The Coolant Gravity Feed Spray attachment is crucial when using your Startrite V, T, R or S bandsaw for cutting metal, particularly harder materials such as Stainless Steel. Fill the bottle with coolant and use the valve on the bottom of the attachment to control the flow of coolant to your job.

Using Coolant on these types of jobs can reduce overheating and improve the life of your bandsaw blade, while simultaneously improving the speed at which the bandsaw makes the cuts. It also leaves a better surface finish compared to dry cutting.

Mitre Gauge with Pusher

The Mitre Gauge Attachment allows you to set an angle at which to feed your job into the saw blade. Fitted with a protractor so you can accurately set the gauge to a specific angle, the attachment also comes with a pusher which allows you to feed the job into the blade while the operator keeps a safe distance.

Mitre Gauge with Geared Pusher

Very similar to the mitre gauge with pusher attachment, however this version has a geared pusher. The geared pusher has a knob which is turned to push the job into the saw blade mechanically, rather than manually. A great choice if you need a high level of precision.