Startrite V, T, R & S model Tables, Cradles & Hydraulics spares.

There are several versions of each type of table & cradle. If you need help identifying which table you have, take a look at the bottom of the page, or contact us.

Hydraulic Components are not required on models with fixed or manual sliding tables.

Startrite V, T, R & S Tables, Cradles & Hydraulics Parts. What are the differences?

Due to such a huge amount of variation across the Startrite V, T, R & S range of vertical bandsaws, which spanned over 60 years, there are several different versions of tables & cradles. Take a look below to help you figure out which table or cradle type your machine has:

The Fixed Table: Mark I or Mark II?

The mark I table has two potential options, a split or solid table. This are both interchangeable and compatible with each other. The main difference between the the Mark I or the Mark II Table is how they fix to the cradle.

The mark I tables have a 2-piece trunnion that bolts directly to the underside of the table. This trunnion is also in two halves.

The Mark II Table has a solid trunnion in one piece. This trunnion doesn’t bolt to the table at all, and is held in place via 2 trunnion clamps, which bolt to the table and hold it in place.

The Sliding Table: Mark I or Mark II? 

The sliding table is much easier to figure out compared to the fixed table, as the differences are far more obvious:

The Mark I Sliding Table uses ‘knife rollers’ to slide the table. These look like bearings that are attached to the cradle assembly, and fit into grooves on the underside of the table, allowing the table to sliding along the rollers.

The Mark II Sliding Table uses a ‘guide bar’ system for the sliding rather than the knife rollers. Here, two round clamps attach to the cradle that fit around two round bars. This allows the table to slide up and down these round bars, rather than along roller under the table.

Manual Sliding or Hydraulic Sliding?

The difference between the manual sliding table and hydraulic sliding table is pretty simple. The hydraulic sliding table is powered, and controlled via a control box on the table. The manual version has a knob that is turned, pushing the table forward or backward.

You may need some parts of the manual feed kit listing, as this features the sliding table itself. But instead of the feed kit parts, you will have the hydraulic components.