See below for Startrite V900 Blade Guides. Scroll below the page to view the pros & cons of the different guide types. All 3 of these blade guide types are interchangeable.

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Startrite V900 Guide Types

See below for the 3 types of guides found on the Startrite V900, and the pros & cons for each:

Chevron Blade Guides

The Chevron style blade guides are the most common blade guide type for the Startrite V900. The guides themselves are reversable, with a different size on each side giving you two sizes of blade per guide pair.
They are the best all round guide, especially for accurate cutting. Most suitable sawing at slower speeds, such as ferrous materials.

Roller Blade Guides

These guides utilise rollers to guide the blade, meaning they can handle continuous high speeds better than the Chevron guides typically. Most suitable for any high speed sawing, including wood, plastic & non ferrous materials.

Angled Roller Blade Guides

These blade guides have one specific use; they can be angled 45°, giving your saw a much deeper effective throat. This in turn allows you to cut much larger pieces. Unless you have a need for the ability to cut longer items on your saw, these blade guides are not recommended. Chevron Guides or Roller Blade Guides are more suitable in all other circumstances.