Startrite 316 Blade Guides. See below the category tiles to view some information on the different guides types, their pros & cons.

Startrite 316 Blade Guide Options:

Startrite 316 Blade Guides have 4 potential options, all with different suitable applications. All blade guide systems on the Startrite 316 are interchangeable:

Standard Blade Guides

The standard guides for the 316 are a good solid choice. Suitable for most types of cutting, but these guides are best suited to slower speeds typically used on ferrous materials.

If you are sawing different types of material all the time, such as ferrous materials and wood or plastic, this guide is the best option for you. It’s main drawback is that it’s not as good for high speed sawing as the Roller Blade Guides, but it can certainly handle it.

Chevron Blade Guides

Chevron blade guides are another accurate blade guide type for all types of sawing, however again this is best suited to slow speed sawing. It can also handle higher speeds, but again not quite as well as the Roller Blade Guides.

Chevron Guides feature reversable inserts, giving the guide two suitable blade sizes per pair of inserts.

Roller Blade Guides

Roller blade guides utilize bearings and rollers to maintain the blades positioning. This makes them better for high speed & continuous sawing that you may be doing on wood & non ferrous materials. Not Recommended for Slow speed sawing & precision cutting.

Angled Roller Blade Guides

Angled roller blade guides have a specific use application. The guides can be turned 45°, giving you a much larger effective throat on your 316, which in turn allows you to cut much longer pieces. However, if you do not require this ability, you would be better off choosing another guide type, as other guides generally perform better.