Startrite V500 Blade Guides, see the bottom of the page for information on the different blade guide types, their pros and cons.

The Guide post is also listed here, as this is a separate part on the V500.

Startrite V500 Blade Guide Options

The Startrite V500 has 3 options for the blade guide system. All blade guide types for this machine are interchangeable.

Chevron Blade Guides

The Chevron Blade Guides are the most common guides found on the Startrite V500, and were typically fitted as standard. Chevron blade guides are a good all-purpose guide, with a thrust roller to handle higher speeds, while the chevrons maintain a high level of accuracy.
Chevron Blade Guides have double ended guide blocks,  meaning you can you use each pair of chevrons for two different blade thickness. (1″ Chevron Guides have no second size).
These guides are most suited to sawing jobs that require precision or slower speeds, such as that of ferrous materials. For continuous sawing at high speeds, we would recommend the Roller Blade Guides.

Roller Blade Guides

The Roller Blade Guides for the Startrite V500 utilize bearings to guide the cutting blade of the bandsaw. This results in far less friction than the Chevron Blade Guides, making them well suited to high speed sawing.
Roller blade guides are highly recommended for use on continuous high speed sawing jobs, such of that on wood, plastics and non-ferrous materials. For slower speed sawing, the Chevron Blade Guides are the recommended choice over the Roller Blade Guides.

Angled Roller Blade Guides

Angled roller blade guides are similar to the standard Roller Blade Guides. However, Angled Roller Blade Guides can be turned 45 degrees. This effectively means that you have a much larger throat size compared to other guide systems that sit square to the frame.
These guides aren’t recommended unless you need the deeper effective throat size they offer. They aren’t as precise as the Chevron Blade Guides, and are more complex to set up than the Standard Roller Blade Guides.