Startrite V500 Attachments. Suitable for all models of Startrite V500 bandsaw.

Most V500 attachments are available as complete assemblies, get in touch if there is something you require that is out of stock.

Startrite V500 – Attachments

Several attachments were made available by Startrite for the V500 industrial bandsaw, most of which are still available today as complete assemblies. Get in touch today if there is something you require that is out of stock.

SM338 – Rip Fence

The Rip Fence is a must have attachment for any bandsaw. The Fence sits parallel to the  bandsaw blade, allowing you to make consistent parallel cuts at the depth you set. The fine tuning micro-adjuster moves the Fence along the table in tiny increments, allowing you to make precision cuts at your chosen depth. This attachment is a very heavy duty, being made from cast iron, perfect for industrial environments.

SM2002 – Universal Work Holding Kit

The Universal Work Holding Kit is a helpful attachment for use on V500 bandsaws with a sliding table. the design allows you to clamp pieces in place to your sliding table, which can then be fed into the blade by operating the sliding table. Made for use on simple shapes, such as cubes / cuboids and tube or pipe. This attachment is also great for evenly clamping pieces to the table, helping to prevent items getting damaged via over-clamping.

SM395 – Circle Cutting Attachment

The Circle Cutting attachment is a simple, cheap and effective way to cut round blanks on your bandsaw, up to a maximum 23″ diameter. The circle cutting attachment is easily attached to the tool post. A hole must be made in the center of the circle blank, where the circle cutting attachment sits. The blank is then fed round the blade, giving you a perfectly round blank.

SM198/B – Mitre Gauge

The Mitre Gauge attachment lets you set an angle using the protractor to make cuts. You can then make consistent cuts at the specific angle you chose, feeding the item into the blade using the Mitre Gauge. A pusher attachment, which attaches to the side of the table, is also available, allowing you to keep your hands well away from the blade during operation, while manually pushing the mitre gauge from a safe distance.

SM198/B & SM46/B – Mitre Gauge with Geared Pusher

The geared pusher attachment for the Mitre Gauge, also attaches to the side of the table, and allows you to turn a handle that pushes the mitre gauge forward and feeds your job. The gear ratio makes it far easier to feed the material compared to the manual pusher attachment, great for reducing operator fatigue, while also giving the operator a high degree of feed control.

SM2021 – Gravity Feed Coolant Spray Kit

When cutting particularly hard materials, it is important that suitable coolant is used on the job. Coolant takes heat away from the material being cut, and serves a useful function as lubrication. This in turn will make your bandsaw blades last much longer, and improve the cut finish. The gravity Feed Coolant Spray kit allows you to turn a knob at the base of the coolant bottle that will release coolant onto your cutting job. Suitable coolant is also available on this listing.