GEARBOX OPTIONS - H250, H280 & H330

Available gearbox options for all types of the Startrite H250, H280 & H330. Get in touch if you need help identifying your gearbox.

  • Startrite & Lenze gearboxes are the original worm gearboxes for 4 & 5 step pulley saws.
  • Rehfuss Free Input Gearbox is a replacement for either Startrite or Lenze worm Gearbox  (May also be fitted to some machines, some spares available)
  • Simplabelt Variable speed Drive is the original fitted variable speed drive with a winding handle. Some spares are still available. For Repairs, contact us here.
  • Rehfuss Variable speed drives have some spares still available. Contact us if you’d like to know if your machine is compatible for a new drive.